If you just purchased a boat of any size, I can provide instructions on many things such as:

  • BOAT HANDLING - Boats handle differently under different winds, currents, weight etc. Learn basic handling techniques that will give you confidence to handle your vessel even under harsh conditions.

  • SAFETY ISSUES- Safety issues change constantly. Learn about safety on the water and new products that can help you.

  • VESSEL MAINTENANCE - Basic vessel maintenance is something you must know. Learn how to make a checklist of things that are important before you leave shore.

  • ELECTRONICS - You know you love gadgets. Learn about the latest marine electronics and communications gear.

  • MARINE ETIQUETTE - The proper do's and don'ts for all sailors.

  • COMMUNICATIONS - How to use a marine radio properly.

  • DOCKING PROCEDURES - Learn different methods and procedures to safely dock your vessel even in high winds and rough seas.

 My instructional classes are not only informative but a great deal of fun.

Capt. Marc E. McCorkle - Virginia: 6409 Bridle Way, Norfolk, Virginia 23518   ------   Florida: 1618 SE Fallon Dr., Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34983

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